Polyethylene - PE

Polyethylene (PE) polymers are semi crystalline thermoplastics. Polyethlyne materils has a high degree of toughness and very good chemical resistance. When compared to other plastics, polyethylene materials provide lower mechanical strength and temperature resistance.

The most commonly used PE plastic types in all industry are PE-HD, PE-HMW and PE-UHMW. There are also a variety of low density types, including PE-LD and PE-LLD.

PE materials can be welded, heat shaped(formed). It is provide to easy assdembly and very flexible production range. Also it can be cutting with suitable saw for PE materilas.

HDPE and others Polyethlyne materials are producing with different colurs and UV resistance. Our range of different colours in below.


Polyethylene – PE  plastic offers:

  • Easy Milling (CNC and othet machine)
  • Easy Welded and Heat Formed
  • Weather Ability (UV Stabilized)
  • Multi Colour Option (White, Black, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Gray, etc.)
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Recyclable
  • Non-Stick
  • Very Good Electrical Insulation
  • Easy Cut to Size

OKD Polimer is a producer of PE:

  • HDPE – PE 300
  • HMWPE – PE 500
  • UHMWPE – PE 1000

Typical Application of Polyethylene Materials:

Chain Supporter, Cutting Boards, Production molds (thin metal forming), guiding pulley, filter disks,


If you are interested in learning more about high density polyethylene sheet and other PE – Polyethlyne materilas, its benefits, and applications, please contact us to speak with a plastic expert.